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for your astrological weel-being

The offerings here are part of
Apartas HEART,
where at the best I merge
creativity with astrology wisdom.

Here are my creations for YOU:

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Transit calendar 2024

PDF calendar with the planetary transits of 2024 created just how I would like it, NOW it's for you to be used too!


FOLLOWING the months day and being able to see in which signs every PLANETS is EASILY.


So you can instantly see where the energy of the day is and when the planetary energy is aligned and nourishing to you and when it is challenging. All to learn how to plan easier your life :)


In the calendar I highlight:

* the 12 months


* New, Full and Eclipse Moons

* Retrogrades


Have fun with it! And if you want to understand better the astrology movement compared to your chart, we can do a personal reading! This is a PDF File, a Digital product. It will be delivered to the email address associated with the order.


Personal ART birth chart

Looking at the "real birth chart" can be confusing and overwhelming, this is why I created the Personal ART Birth Chart.

This art piece is your unique astrology chart based on the planetary positions at the moment you were born. 

This art translates the meaning of the 5 most essential planets, plus the rising sun, which represents your personal traits, to give you specific guidelines for your astrological blueprint.

It is a fun art piece for you to use as a reminder of your uniqueness. You can gift to yourself and/or your loved ones to celebrate each other's personalities.

*I create every piece personally, please consider 5 working days for delivery, thank you for understanding. This is a PDF File, a Digital product. Each Art Chart will be delivered to the email address associated with the order. You can keep it on your computer or print it out for your altar! So magical :) 

after purchase send an email to with your birth data (place, time and date) to be able to create your ART chart!

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