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I do what I do?

Because I believe in a world full of genuine souls who are authentic in living in their self-expression.
Thus, personal fulfillment blossoms into a tapestry of beauty and happiness, enveloping us all.



Because I find it to be a wonderful language that helps us to identify ourselves through
macrocosmic symbols reflecting our personal microcosm.

I've always been fascinated by it, and when I allowed myself to study it seriously,
an incredible world of knowledge and insights opened up to me. It helps

to feel at home in our own body with our unique personality.

So... I find it to be a  wonderful TOOL that offers us countless insights to find order, confirmations, and personal recognition in living true to our uniqueness


The most beautiful thing I'm told in a readings is:

"You're not telling me anything new, but you're confirming and giving words to who I am and what I feel, describing myself in such an explicit and fascinating way which I love"



I'm Giulia and everything I create with APARTAS

(APproaching ART through AStrology)

comes from experiences, studies, talents, and my life..

To describe myself in words, within me you find:

Love for handmade, art, the will of learning by doing, a friend, optimism, creativity, travels, solidarity, the wish to change the world, astrology, ecological sustainability, to keep learning, proactiveness, introspection, openness, new ideas,..

And this MIX of ingredients has led me to create this space, where the unconscious and the conscious continually blend to make sense of this caotic life.

Professionally, I have a degree in Product Design and a diploma in Karmic Psychoevolutionary Astrology

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