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Since I moved to the US and I started to give astrology readings, I have  noticed that my clients where asking similar questions. With these videos, I hope to give you some clarification over few topics :) 

What it is the meaning of ASTROLOGY and how is your BIRTH CHART created?

Which is not about Tarot, predictions, psychicness and co. 

What can you understand of YOURSELF from your personal BIRTH CHART?

The birth chart offers you tools and awareness over your uniqueness.

How to identify MOON, SUN and RISING SUN in your birth chart?

With a little explanation of the difference between Sun and Rising.

How the 12 ZODIAC SIGNS act as a group with different meanings but as a ONE?

To understand the importance of each one of the signs, working as a comunity.

What means for REAL doing an HOROSCOPE? Which can only be personal.

To understand how the planets movements are touching our charts.

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